Your mindset determines everything

Our mindset is who we are as a person.
It determines what we think about, our habits, our actions and the outcome we get.
It is shaped when we were young. We get influenced by those closest to us. like parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers and so on.
Our values and beliefs are then imposed on us by these people and the society or environment we live in.
Very often all these influences will only teach us how to conform to what everyone else is doing.
If you do what everyone is doing you get the results of what they get.
That is why people say you are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with.
If you want to succeed, you need to cultivate your mindset for success.
The steps are often laid out by others who have already done it and walked the path.
It takes the right mindset to follow through all the way to reach that goal.