Is Internet Marketing for you ?

Freedom vs Security

This is the main difference between working in a regular day job and doing internet marketing.

In a regular job, you get paid every month like clockwork as long as you show up and don’t screw up too much. There is income security in the sense you know when your next pay is going to come in.

When you do internet marketing, you don’t know when you are going to be paid or if you are going to be paid at all. You can be getting 0 or 10,000. But there is plenty of freedom and room to do and explore what you like to do. You can work when you feel most productive instead of fixed hours.

internet marketing

If you enjoy being told what to do and routine stuff, a job is great. You do what needs to be done and get paid for that.

If you are just starting out and have no money or capital to embark on business, getting a job is the way to go to feed yourself and fund your business.

When you have enough money from grinding, you can start to think about starting on internet marketing business. It is something that does not require a huge start up capital. Just a couple of hundred dollars and you are good to go. That being said, it is still as hard work as doing other businesses. You got to put in the effort and time to make things work. There is no magic button or turn-key solution to making it work for you. Don’t go out and buy all the quick-rich-make-money-online schemes you see out there.

More income

I have read tonnes of books and I already knew early on that being an employee will not make me rich. Yes it will bring the bread to the table but working 12 hours a day ( including commute ) just to feed myself and have barely enough time is not what I have in mind for living my life. When I retire at 62, what can I do ? I would have only known work for half my life and not know what to do when I do not have to work anymore.

Through Internet Marketing, the possibilities are endless. I can scale up my income by creating additional streams of income. My income is not tied to how many hours I work and what my boss appraisal is.


I can work anywhere I like, without being bounded by an office. Even in a high tech country like Singapore, working mentality is still back in the 80’s, where bosses need to see your face in the office to know you are working. With internet marking, I can be in Thailand, sia, Japan or anywhere I like as long as I have internet connection, I can do my things.


The most important thing I can get from not having a job is TIME !

This is the only thing that we cannot buy more of and every one has the same time everyday. By not spending half a day at a job, we have much more time to do the things we love.




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