Life is a Numbers Game

Many things in life is just purely about getting the numbers.

Successful people put in more numbers than the average people, that is why they get to where they are.

Whether it is getting sales, finding a girlfriend, getting a job, starting a business.

If we want to sell 1 item, and we only talk to 1 person, chances are the sale is not going to happen. When we talk to 10 people, or 50 people, who are targeted and keen in it, chances of sales is much higher.

Similar to finding a girlfriend/boyfriend. If we ask 1 person out on a date, chances are the person may flake or reject you. Then we feel dejected. But if you ask more people, higher chance you will secure that date and a bf/gf.

Getting a job ? Sending more resumes means higher chance of landing the job.

Starting a business and it fails ? Keep on trying and trying. As you fail you gain lessons and insights that help you succeed.

Wanna ace that exam ? Work on more papers and questions.

Many things in life is just about putting in the numbers.

Every failure brings you closer to success. As long as you don’t give up, you will reach that goal.

Don’t let failure get you down. Don’t feel disheartended. Know that light is just at the end of the tunnel, even though you don’t know how close you are, because you might be closer than you think.

Odds in life may not always be in our favour, but its gets better with every attempt.

Keep on doing it.

P.S. It does not apply to gambling and lottery. The odds are always against you and you never win in the long run. Short run, yes it is possible