I Blew It

I lost my temper yesterday. It was over a trivial matter but i was triggered by my emotions and failed to keep it in check.
If you are curious it was a case of missing shampoo ( which was found later on ) and I was accussed of losing it.
Although I was not really that angry, I am not sure why I flared up. For the record, I don’t get mad that easily.
I attributed it to a few factors :
1) Lack of sleep
2) Tired after a long day of work
3) Not eating enough greens
4) Other matters that are boggling me
After I calmed down and thought about it, I think the most likely factor would be 1) as i was sleeping late for the past 2 weeks and it took a physical and mental toil on me.
Lack of sleep makes my fuse short and also the mental willpower to control my own emotions weak.
It was my fault for losing it and I hope I could improve on that in future. I need to prioritise rest and sleep over doing other stuff when my body and mind needs the rest.