How to be Happy

I feel really happy when I scored straight A’s in my exam. Or when I pick up $100 from the ground. Or when someone buys me a gift. However, that only lasts temporarily. Very soon it will be back to normal like before. Has that happened to you ?

Much later on, then I realized what happiness truly is and why you cannot chase it.

True happiness is a mental state. It is not what you think it is.

You are not happy because you are allowing yourself to be happy only when something happens. Like getting a good deal, hanging out with good friends, watching an exciting movie, or when someone says something nice about you.

Happiness is a state of mind. You can be happy at any point in time, any circumstances once you realize what happiness really is. It is not a result of external events that happen or material things you get.

That is why buying new things or material goods will never make you happy. More money will not make you happy.

The media, society or even people around you gives the impression that happiness is conditional and something you chase. But the truth is, you are already able to be happy. You just need to realize it.

You can be happy even when something negative happens. Yes, you may experience emotional sadness or disappointment, but deep inside your level of happiness can be the same. It is not affected by external factors.

  1. Are you happy today ?
  2. Why yes or no ?
  3. Do you want to be happy tomorrow ?

Leo Gura on what Happiness is at is core meaning.



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