Having flu

Just got the flu again… It is the most common illness I get.

Somehow I just have a tendency to get flu or a cold like 3 to 4 times a year. It feels bad to be sick, but it is also a sign that I need to reflect on myself, on what I did before I got to this state.

The usual culprits would be lack of sleep, not drinking enough water, bacteria entering my nasal cavity, not exercising enough and not eating well, being stressed, eating too much unhealthy food.

Although effectiveness takes a beating, it also makes me more focused as I am not able to dwell as many things in my mind when I am sick. Being sick reminds me that I am not living optimally and I need to make some changes to get back to the right body state.

Yes being sick sucks but it tells you something you are doing is not right and you need to change.



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