Entrepreneurship is like a game

Except that it works the exact opposite way.

When we play a game, the beginning is usually easy to pass. As the game progresses it gets harder and more challenging. But at the same time, our skill level increases so as to handle the difficulty better.

In a business, all the problems and difficulties get thrown at you right from the beginning. There is no AI tutorial guide to help you kick off a business. You are thrown into the deep end.

Once you get a hang of the obstacles and overcome them, it gets easier and easier to manage it. This is why most businesses fail because people who start are unable to breakthrough the difficult moments and times. Those who succeed are those who manage to sustain through the difficult initial stage and get to the easy stage.

The easy stage comes about because they have learnt the ropes and understanding of how the business and industry works and how to overcome the challenges. It does not mean that if someone else takes over an existing business it will be easy for them.