About Foreigners

We have been seeing more foreigners here in Singapore since the last 10 years or so. The authorities opened up for them to come here to find jobs and boost our economy. A lot of them are here because there are jobs that locals are not interested to do. How many locals want to be a construction worker ? or rubbish collector ?

I thought so.

A lot of people complain about them and vent it out on them. Yeah granted they aren’t always courteous and friendly but they are just trying to make a living here. They Need a job to stay here. If they are fired, they lose their visa to continue to stay here.

It is not easy to leave your home to go to a foreign country to find work and to leave your family and everything you know behind. If you have tried it you know how hard that is, especially if you are blue collared worker or “unskilled” labour.

Most of the buildings and roads are built by foreign labour. Without them we wouldn’t have all the magnificent structures around us. You don’t have to like them but just appreciate them for their work here and respect them as fellow humans beings.