5 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle in Singapore

Motorcyclists are happier commuters

You often hear about road rage, frustrated car drivers or bored public transport commuters. Motorcyclists are generally cool people, hardly feel angry or frustrated on the road, and arrive in style. If you see a motorcyclist having trouble, you can be sure another motorcyclist will stop to help. I am not so sure about car drivers.

Switching from driving to riding, I find myself happier and less frustrated on the road as well. I am more interested in checking out which lane can I find space to landsplit or squeeze to the front of the traffic.

Say NO to traffic jams

With a motorcycle, you can weave through traffic like nobody can. Lanesplit with ruthless efficiency through a long line of cars, buses, lorries and what not. You will always end up at the front of a line whenever you approach the traffic lights.

Most Cost Effective way to travel around in Cities and urban areas

I am getting about 30km/ l of mileage instead of 10km /l on a car when I used to drive. Petrol costs are definitely lower now even though I only drove on weekends but I ride every day now.

Parking is convenient cheap or free 

I was pleasantly surprised when I could park almost anywhere for $1+ per entry or free depending on where I went. There were usually ways to get around. No matter how crowded a parking lot is, there always some “spaces” you can find to park your bike.

When I was driving, I often had to wait a good 15 to 20 minutes if I am in town and I want to park at a cheaper lot.

Save time, save money.

Singapore is a small country of about 700+++ sq km. Parking spaces are limited and everything is competing for space given our limited land. Motorcycles are space efficient, you can park 4 bikes in 1 car lot. They do not cause congestion and get around city quickly. Perfect for highly urbanised area like Singapore.

Riding a motorcycle is much better than other forms of transport.

Its true. I have experienced it first hand since I ride daily. The freedom experienced when riding a motorcycle is something you don’t get from driving a car, taking public transport or taking a taxi.

You feel every part of the journey you take. There is no ignoring the things around you. Your hands are holding the handlebars, your eyes are constantly looking out for other hazards and road users, there is just so much to occupy you that you are fully immersed in riding itself.




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