Live like a Tourist

When we visit other countries we want to stay as close to the attractions or places of interest as much as possible. Reason being our time is limited and we do not want to spend too much time travelling to and fro.
Why not our own city?
We spend way too much time in commute.
1 hour to work, 1 hour back, 2 hours lost every day to just being on the road. It is unproductive to commute. Not to mention all these adds up to additional petrol consumed and contribute to jams on the roads.
The longer the commute, the greater the uncertainty. We become at the mercy of public transportation, traffic conditions and maybe even weather conditions. Not to mention it is  a pure waste of time.
 What can we do to reduce this ?
1. Live near places that you will go often ( school, work etc )
If it is too expensive to buy a place near your workplace, I suggest renting a room or apartment, depending on your needs. Rent is quite affordable nowadays with the property cooling measures.
– ultimately, time wasted in commute can add up to a huge amount of time
– the time could be better spent resting or doing something else
– can even go home and eat for lunch or take a nap
How near is near enough ?
 Ideally not more than 15 to 30 minutes of travel time by bus.
Exceptions :
If you are not working or retired, or if there are no forms residences nearby the workplace (i.e industrial areas)
You are location independent ( work from home or always on the go ). In this case, stay somewhere where amenities like groceries are nearby.
  1. Save time, money and your sanity 🙂
  2. Less traffic jams, less pollution, less money and resources wasted in commuting.
  3. Easing the overcrowded public transportation.
  4. More time to sleep and do other stuff.

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