Hi there !

My name is Alex and thanks for dropping by my humble website.

I enjoy learning new languages although I am not expert in them. I have studied Malay, Thai, Korean at basic levels and I find language a good way to understand the culture of the people who speak it. In Singapore, we do not have a native language and mainly use English as our common language. I envy those countries that do because it is so unique to have your own language and it provides a sense of belonging.

Love travelling and exploring new unknown places as well. It opens up the mind to new things and ideas that I never thought of before. Before I went to Vietnam, I never considered riding a motorcycle, but today I ride daily and it is my main mode of commute. It beats getting a pricey car that will be scrapped in 10 years and also squeezing in the overly crowded and slow public transport.

Love investing  and have read many investing books and blogs, investing websites etc.

Coffee lover.

Current Update : Here’s what I am doing now.

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